About Us


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Gallup Med Flight has been providing air medical transport to Gallup and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years. We are committed to clinical excellence, long term relationships, and a culture of safety that promotes the highest quality of care.

Strategically located to respond to the needs of the Four Corners Area, we execute thousands of calls per year with the most highly trained professionals.

As Gallup’s First Flight Team we work with the highest level of integrity and commitment to the communities we serve.


Non-emergent medical transport in the Gallup area began in the early 1980’s. Gallup Flying Service owned and operated by Jim Sheppard, utilized Cessna 414A twin engine aircraft to transport patients for Indian Health Services. With consideration to the rural demographics of New Mexico, Mr. Sheppard realized the limited availability of specialized services and began a partnership with the Navajo Nation and surrounding areas.

In May of 1996 the company grew into a regional fixed wing critical care service and incorporated Gallup Med Flight as an LLC in partnership with Gallup Flying Service. Shortly after, a Conquest 425 was added to the fleet for a total of 5 medically configured critical care aircraft.

In September of 2011, Gallup Med Flight was purchased by Joseph L. Hunt and is now managed by Air Medical Resource Group (AMRG). This change in ownership and management has brought great opportunities for growth to Gallup Med Flight.  In 2013, Rotor-Wing services were added to the Gallup base and a new fleet of King Air C90’s has replaced the Cessna 414’s.

Gallup Med Flight has served Gallup as well as the surrounding areas of Northern New Mexico and Arizona for many years. We are fully dedicated to the local healthcare network and understand better than any other air medical provider in the area how to successfully operate a program in such an amazing region.

Mission Statement:

Gallup Med Flight will offer the highest quality professional critical care, fixed-rotor wing air medical transport service available to New Mexico and the surrounding states, by providing a caring and compassionate, up-to-date, quality service while maintaining cost effectiveness.